We use design and marketing tools to advance your business.

  • You started your business for a purpose, you have goals.
  • My business is to help you achieve those goals.

A paint brush can paint the barn, or create a masterpiece even to spread the barbecue sauce on the brisket. Websites, brochures, logos, even social media pages are like that paint brush. They are tools to reach customers, to promote your business, to advance your business.


Over 25 years of design & marketing experience.

Good design looks good, great design performs.

I began working as a graphic designer for the Branson Daily News, in the early 90’s. I soon landed at A&J Printing in Nixa Missouri. Where I learned that being a graphic designer was more than making things look cool. Almost ten years at A&J and I was ready to be my own boss. I left the comfort of a full-time job and the dream of CE Haynes LLC became a full-time reality.

    • What I have enjoyed most about my career in design, is helping people.
    • What I have learned above all, is to be respectful, to listen more than I talk and to back up my words with action. 
    • How a design project looks, is secondary to how it performs.


Why choose CE Haynes LLC for your next design project?

Affordable rates & proven results

  • Your success is my priority.
  • My success won’t happen if your needs are not met in a professional, manner.

Over the course of 25 years, I have acquired a skill set that can help your business. I have a passion for learning and exploring new ways to get the most out of every design project.