Officially licensed in Missouri in 2002, and in Oklahoma in 2016.

We had taken on clients as early as 1998, responding to friends and family requests for help in marketing projects for their business and products. In 2002 the business was officially launched as a full-time effort to help business and a few ministry projects reach more potential customers via websites and professional graphic design projects.



Mission Statement

In an ever-changing world of technology, we are committed to meeting the expectation and needs of each client we serve. We recognize each business, ministry, company or person who has a need has a budget to work within and an expectation. We strive diligently personalize each service to help you meet those needs.

We stand behind our services and if you are not 100% satisfied with our service we will work to get it right. We are not striving to be the best in the nation or even to be #1 in the industry, we do however strive to be the best for each customer that hires us to do a job, we make every effort to surpass the expectation asked of us. We recognize there is more to learn, we are not afraid of hard work or new challenges.

Honesty – Ability – Values – Communication are our trademarks.




The family behind CE Haynes LLC

Corey & Kimberly Haynes

Our daughters…
Amber Thornbrough
Kasey Grossberg
Emmy Haynes
Avah Haynes