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CE Haynes LLC
A Family based business

Meet the family behind CE Haynes LLC
My wife Kimberly and I have been married since 2008, between us we have four amazing daughters, two sons-in-law and five grand-children. 

CE Haynes Business Information

History Officially licensed in Missouri in 2002, and in Oklahoma in 2016. We had taken on clients as early as 1998, responding to friends and family requests for help in marketing projects for their business and products. In 2002 the business was officially launched as a full-time effort to help business and a few ministry…

CE Haynes Resume

Are you looking to hire a full or part-time graphic designer or photographer, check out my resume, and see if my work experience and skill set will fit your needs.

CE Haynes | Education & Work History

It’s hard to believe but I have been a graphic designer for over twenty-five years. Check out this time-line to see some of the great companies I have been able to work with.

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