Scott Whitlock, Vice President of Bach Medical Supply

Corey has a strong command of marketing knowledge and a practical understanding of how to implement that knowledge within the site he created for us. Like any web presence, ours is always evolving and Corey does a good job in balancing his time making sure that the most valuable traffic driving priorities are what gets his immediate attention. Corey also maintains a good balance of products and information which has resulted in our clientele using the resources more and more while also spending more time on the site with each visit.

Guys & Gals at Arms

My Husband and I stepped out in faith and opened a new business. As most know, branding and advertising is crucial to a new business’s success. Because of this, we wanted our business logo to pop. We were introduced to CEHaynes Photography and Design and hired Corey to design our Logo. We were so pleased with the outcome and Corey was engaged and extremely helpful throughout the process. Thank you Corey!

Richard Tow

C.E. Haynes designed a website for our business that fit our budget and perfectly suited our needs. His creative ideas enabled us to effectively communicate our unique identity which was essential to our marketing strategy. We have been exceptionally pleased with the fast personal service provided by C.E. Haynes.

We have enjoyed Corey’s professionalism, and dedication to our company.

For over five years Corey Haynes has been a trusted partner, not only building our website but continued development through search engine optimization and social media marketing.

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