Web Design & Maintenance

Web Design Rate : $45 / hour
Contract Rate : $30 / hour

(Contracted rates apply when you hire CE Haynes LLC for an ongoing period of time, minimum of six months and five hours per week.)

Domain Name Registration :  $10 / year
Web Hosting : $100 / year

A cool website, that fails to advance your business, fails to help your customers is a failure. The beginning step to any website build, or re-design, is to identify your goals for the website. Are you wanting an e-commerce website that drives sales online, do you want your customers to know where you are located, and who to call when they need your service, do you want to establish your business above your competition? Your website should have and fulfill many goals. Your business, your goals, your website!


Print Design

Print Design Rate : $45 / hour
Contract Rate : $30 / hour

With more than twenty-five years of print design and fifteen years of web design, CE Haynes LLC is uniquely able to provide a one-stop design shop for your print and digital projects. Keeping a consistent brand in front of your customers will make it easier for them to recognize your business when they need services/products.


Logo Design

Hourly Rates for Graphic Design : $45 / hour
Logo Design Minimum Fee : $200

Corporate Identity starts with your logo, and moves out into the digital world, with a business website, social media, electronic billboards and banner ads oh, and people still use business cards. 


Search Engine Optimization

SEO Rate : $45 / hour
Contract Rate : $30 / hour

Lost time, lost leads due to ineffective or non-existent search engine optimization cannot be regained. 

• Market research / Keyword research : how are people using the internet to search for your services and products. 

• Placing the most applicable keywords and keyword phrases within your site. 

• Developing new content to display those keywords and to establish your authority in specific areas that apply to those keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is not a one-shot deal, it is an ongoing process, that requires research, testing, and creation. 


Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing Rate : $45 / hour
Contract Rate : $30 / hour

You know the old quote, “Failing to plan is like planning to fail’?
The same can be said about social media marketing. You have to find ways to utilize multiple social media channels.

Social Media Marketing has become both an asset and a liability to most brands. A tremendous asset if used properly and consistently. Potential customers are watching the way in which you manage your social media presence. To those viewers, it is a reflection of how you will deal with them in person.

Each social media site has its own sense of community, written and unwritten rules of conduct and knowing how to navigate through those nuances can make a huge difference between success and failure. While most social media can be free to set up, not working them properly can result in a tremendous waste of time for you or staff members.


Commercial Photography

On site : $60 / hour plus mileage fees $0.50 / mile.
At my office : $45 / hour
Photo Retouching : $45 hour

The challenge to any website or catalog is to capture the excitement of the real-world experience. How do you capture that “new car smell” in a picture?

  • Product Photography
  • Real Estate and Commercial Property
  • Life-Style Photography

The quality of photography you use in your printed and digital promotions will affect your sales. Sharp, well lit, pictures will draw more attention, and sell more product.

• On-site or in my studio
• Flat rate hourly billing
• Digital and/or Print media
• Flexible scheduling
• Professional service